McC McCulloch Wines

With an injection of energy, and respect for the land, our grapes are cultivated and nurtured using a blend of modern & traditional winemaking methods.

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About McC McCulloch Wines

With vines growing on this land as early as 296AD, this region of Fruska Gora in Serbia first saw modern viticulture brought to it by the Roman Emperor, Probus. This vineyard is as much a project to revitalise the riches of the province, as it is an opportunity to taste the posterity of its fruits.

Using a Biodynamic approach to wine-making captivates holistic and ‘old world’ methodologies to work with nature, rather than fight it.  No artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used on the land or plants to optimize flavour, quality and individuality. 

McC McCulloch Wines is the innovative fusion of husband and wife partnership, Englishman Don McCulloch and Serbian-born Seka Nikolic.

Don, originally of French and Scottish heritage, brings his wealth of knowledge extricated from working with wine-makers all over the globe, to produce this boutique vintage. 

Bio Dynamic Viticulture

The biodynamic approach to grape-growing sees the vineyard as an ecological whole.

A Holisitic Approach

We feed the land rather than the plant, working with nature rather than fighting it.

All Natural

No artificial fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or herbicides which can cause sickness in the land.