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A lovely blog with great tasting notes about McCulloch Wine Merlot-Malbec 2012. Thank you Perica S. Radović, glad you enjoyed!

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This wine is produced in a limited edition of 975 bottles.
The color is beautiful, deep, almost purple. 
After an hour in the decanter, the nose, at first, surprising. A strange smell that, though, quickly passes, leaving behind quite a pleasant trace of ripe, sweet, crushed blackberries. Dense, powerful and unmolested smell.
Alcohol is not too noticeable. Although very strong (15%), great hidden.
Taste intense, fruity. Very friendly. Dominated by aromas of small red fruits.
Tannins somewhat contentious, good acid. Balance slightly compromised in favor of tannin.
And the subsequent intense taste, strong. Chocolate and fruity, with a touch of coffee. It takes a long time, leaves an impression of fullness in the mouth. At the very fringes, brings something spicy aromas.
Alcohol noticeable in the mouth and stomach, rather than on the nose.
I really like this wine. Unconventional, character. Sharp and smooth, seductive. Attracts attention.
Somewhat surprising style of red wine of Fruska Gora.
Are the glass behind it remains a very "dirty", but it's worth. 
Perica S. Radović